We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Clover offers one huge benefit for deer hunters, as it contains roughly 25-percent protein—helping to raise the typical whitetail’s diet up near the daily protein intake it requires for optimal growth. Can be easily applied with a 4-wheeler or tractor sprayer Both varieties do have some reseeding potential, but they may take a bit of help to get good results. The big advantage to planting fruit and nut trees and shrubs for deer around your green fields is that you'll be plowing, planting, fertilizing and mowing your green fields every year. This is hands-down the best performing and most persistent variety of ladino clover on the market. Percent Relative Yield for Strawberry Clover for the classes 1-7: 25, 50, 75, 100, 100, 55, 30. Clover Seed varieties are also commonly used in agricultural cover crop applications to sweeten the soil as they produce natural forms of nitrogen. Conifer Stands. Customer Reviews. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Very grazing-tolerant and persistent. Strawberry clover can be used for erosion control. For one reason or another, they just did not make the cut. Strawberry Clover. Naturally, if you’ve got deer problems, make sure you wash your strawberries well so that you don’t have health problems too. It is soft seeded, very fast establishing, and moderately tolerant of water logging. Native or Introduced: Introduced. Cultivars. Dalkeith Clover has proven to reseed itself fairly well if managed properly. The sowing rate is 0.5 Lbs to 1.0 Lbs per 1,000 Square Feet. Of course, you could also buy the clover seeds separately and make your own specific mixes based on your own soil, location and climate. Food plots alone won't keep deer on your property. Also, when it comes to deer in your strawberry patch, be careful. It is tolerant of wet saline and alkaline soils. Strawberry Clover Palestine (Trifolium Fragiferum) - Strawberry clover is perennial clover similar to white dutch clover in growth habit and both are grown from bulk clover seeds which we have for sale. Micro Clover Lawn Pros and Cons. On the grazed pasture, the blooming starts early in April and ends in Mid-April. Strawberry clover: Strawberry clover lawns are popular, and Scotts clover lawn seed mix is based on strawberry clover (Trifolium fragiferum). Be the first to review this product! They are typically planted with companion grasses and used as a cover crop during crop rotation, particularly organic crops. The crimson clover is the most dependable clover honey crop, but unlike others, it blooms earlier than the others do. The key to finding the best clover for a deer food plot is about deciding which type will grow best in your plot and also how often and when you want to plant it. Deer tend to become annoying pests when they visit gardens and feast on the plants. Makes a great deer food plot seed as it is 90% clover with 10% alfalfa for extra flavor and palatability. al, 2008). In terms of pH, you need to make sure your soil has a pH of somewhere between 6.0 and 8.0. 89 Apr 29, 2013 #10. mose Senior Member. Palestine Strawberry Clover (Trifolium fragiferum) with Certified Organic Rhizobia coating. 95 ($0.94/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Sold by the pound. This is why it grows much better in the mid-western and eastern parts of the country than it does in the south, where it is usually only an annual. Similarly, red clover can be quite susceptible to continuous grazing for any longer period of time or else it tends to die off. Specifically developed for food plots; Spray spring or early summer when broad leaf weeds are emerging and in the early growth stages. Still, there are several different species of clover, each with its own countless number of varieties. Red clover has a life cycle of 2-3 years, by which time you may want to rotate your crops anyway. Tagearplanet.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Strawberry clover is a low-growing perennial used as a green manure and cover crop, particularly among perennials. This mixture of clover and alfalfa will provide approximately 30% protein for the majority of the year for increased antler growth. Very grazing-tolerant and persistent. Spreads by above ground stolons, similar to strawberries. If your dirt is right this mixture should attract deer all season. Subterranean clover, or subclover, is not well-suited to cutting for hay production. It also provides them with a highly beneficial source of nutrition to keep the local population big and healthy. Use 1 lb./ 1000 sq. Clover lawns are drought-tolerant. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Depending on where you live, the species will vary, but evergreen trees can be of great cover value for deer. Still, it works best when sewn with corn or another later maturing grain. If you want to only plant clover, you’re best to use several different varieties that mature at different times to ensure food throughout the year. Let it grow 6-8" high in the fall to help it overwinter.